Searching Online Be Aware!

Who's Side ?

Real Estate Brokerages pay thousands of dollars to the large property search providers for advertising; what they expect in return for their advertising dollars is Buyer information.

It's important to keep this in mind when searching online - the Brokerage that markets the property has contractual obligations to the Seller. The listing Brokerage who is advertsing the property may not be the one you want representing your interests.

Get your own Agent before clicking on that "get more information" button.

Your Buyer Agent can assist you with searches and provide answers to questions that the listing brokerage may not be able to answer. Questions like: What damages has the property suffered in the past? Has there been any issues with mold? Are there any defects? Are there any open permits? What is the Seller's motivation?

An agent who is obligated to provide Full Disclosure can answer these questions, but a representative who can only provide limited confidentiality cannot.