How do I Find the Right Realtor® ?

finding the right Agent

The SHORT ANSWER IS...If you are BUYING a home, Ask the Realtor®: Does your Brokerage represent Sellers? If the is answer YES, they are acting as a Transaction Broker. Florida law does not allow Transaction Brokers to provide customers an AGENT relationship or the fiduciaty relationship required as an Agent.

If they do NOT represent Sellers, then you have a Buyers Brokerage. Interview the Realtor® and ask for references. Ask for an Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement spelling out responsibilities, terms and compensation. To recieve the protection afforded a Client you must receive a written Single Agency disclosure.
In order for a Single Agency relationship to continue throughout your buying process, the Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement must also note that the Agent will be your Single Agent and not be able to "Transition to a Transaction Broker".