Florida Exclusive Buyer Agents

Work Exclusively for Florida Buyers

...NEVER the Seller !

We work Exclusively "for Florida Buyers" ...never Sellers. HERE's WHY

Florida Realtors are by law, "Transaction Brokers"... and can NOT provide 100% Transparency, Full Disclosure, Fiduciary Representation, Total Confidentially or Complete Loyalty to customers because they have contractual obligations to Sellers (Listings). They are Not AGENTs and do Not provide the protections of an AGENT or AGENCY Relationship. A Buyers Brokerage is different. It NEVER has contractual obligations to Sellers and does NOT accept Listings from Sellers. Buyers Brokerages work exclusively for buyers and always provide these protections for Buyers. If your BUYING a Buyers Brokerage is dedicated to you and your interest ONLY.

Why this is important to you ! A Real Estate Licensee acting in his/her default capacity as a "Transaction Broker" can NOT advise their buyer that the seller will accept a lower price... if known. By contrast an Exclusive Buyers AGENT MUST always act in the CLIENTS BEST INTEREST and make the buyer aware. MORE

Aileen Kane
Florida Buyers Broker

NOT all Buyer Agents are EQUAL !

Ninety six percent of all Real Estate Brokerages have contractual obligations with Sellers. These obligations are created by the Listing Contracts the brokerage and it's Agents enter into with Sellers. Real Estate Agents, working for these sales obligated brokerages, work as Listing Agents but also work as Buyer Agents. Because these brokerages and their agents attempt to serve the conflicting objectives of both the buyer and seller, many believe there is an inherent "conflict of interest" when attempting to represent the BEST interest of Buyers.

WaterfrontInFlorida.com, an Exclusively Buyers Realty web site, specializes in Florida waterfront homes however, unlike the traditional Florida brokerage attempting to serve the conflicting objectives of both buyer and seller (see HUD), we work exclusively for Buyers. As a Buyers only Florida Real Estate Brokerage, there is never a conflict of interest as to who's interest we serve. We provide Buyers of Florida Waterfront Homes, Florida Condos, Florida Luxury Waterfront and Waterfront Estates, a level of Buyer Advocacy that is not possible in Florida's traditional "transaction broker" Real Estate brokerages.

Our commitment to Buyers exclusively and lack of obligations to sell or solicit Florida property, enable us to focus on the buyers needs. Our Buyers benefit from in-depth property research, full disclosure of all relevant information, complete transparency, total confidentiality and the fiduciary representation demanded today by informed buyers. Our single minded LOYALTY to Buyers alone, has made Exclusively Buyers Realty the best known Buyers brokerage in Florida for the past 10 years.

Don't Over Pay for a Florida Home, get the Exclusive Buyer Agent ADVANTAGE ... Representing Buyers Exclusively

Exclusively Buyers Realty of Florida .... a Florida Buyers Brokerage

HUD.gov says... NOT all Buyer Agents are EQUAL !

"U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development "Home Buyers Handbook"

"It is your responsibility to search for an agent who will represent your interests in the real estate transaction. If you want someone to represent only your interests, consider hiring an "exclusive buyer's agent", who will be working for you."

Aileen Kane, Buyers Broker, ABR, EBA

Unsolicited Client Feedback

"the ONLY one we would ever recommend"

"My husband and I think she is great, precise, quick, conscientious, timely, we would highly recommend her. We are in our mid 50's and have never met a realtor like her. She is the ONLY one we would ever recommend. We truly cannot thank you enough, please keep referring her!"

"Aileen gave us hope.. "

We were very lucky to have found Aileen. She was knowledgeable, professional, easy to talk to and an all over great Realtor. Most importunately she made herself available to us and always returned calls and emails very quickly. She is the type to think outside the box in trying to find you your dream home. We had been disappointed in the past with the Realtors we had worked with, but Aileen gave us hope that there are still great ones working out there everyday, you just have to find them.


Mr. & Mrs. Pat Crocket

" saved us thousands of $$"

I highly recommend working with Aileen. She has been fantastic to work with - professional, friendly, honest, prompt, and diligent. My wife and I re-located to Tampa from Seattle last fall, and we interviewed several agents before deciding to work with Aileen. We liked the idea that she is working exclusively for us (she has other clients, but no one selling, obviously) and there are no potential conflicts of interest. She also has a ton of experience in many markets around the country, and she was very knowledgeable about the areas we were focusing on - South Tampa and St Pete.

We were very up-front with Aileen and told her that we are fairly high-maintenance in that we want a lot of communication and we will be very involved in the process, especially when we're ready to move on a house. That's simply how our personalities are, and she has been phenomenal in her follow-up, communication, and in her recommendations. I'm sure she saved us thousands of $$ in our negotiation for the home we just got under contract on – she read the seller and his agent perfectly and encouraged us to stick by our initial offer and not negotiate. Sure enough, after trying to counter, the seller ended up accepting our initial offer. It was a risk, but she had earned our trust by then and it paid off.


Bryan Thomas

"We never could have gotten our dream home without her"

We are writing to express our pleasure with real estate agent Aileen Kane who represented us in our recent purchase of a single-family home. Aileen guided us through the entire process, from loan qualification, to searching for houses, and finally making the offer and closing the deal. We credit Aileen with a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience. This is our third purchase of property, and never had we had such a pleasurable experience. Aileen is savvy, personable and knows the market inside and out. We never could have gotten our dream home without her.

If you are looking to buy a new home, Aileen is a the most professional agent we have ever done business with.

Steve and Jennifer McCormick

"She provided invaluable assistance"

Excellent experience dealing with Aileen. Aileen was hired to represent us as our exclusive buyer's agent for a potential new home purchase in Florida. Aileen proved to be professional, knowledgeable, and diligent throughout the process, from initial property search to final closing. She provided invaluable assistance in helping us through the process of buying an out of state home (we are in Colorado presently). Aileen pays attention to detail, gets things done, and always followed up in a timely manner. We were super impressed with her efforts and would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to buy real estate in Florida.

Dave & Valery Shelton

"Superior Knowledge and Skills"

Aileen is a buyer broker who assisted us in the purchase of a condo in St. Petersburg, FL. She organized showings in order that we could see numerous properties in 1 day, enabling a fairly quick decision on our part. She provided extremely valuable information and saw to it that we avoided the many hidden pitfalls in the present Florida realestate market. Aileen handled our negotiations, provided resources for mortgage and insurance, handled the property inspection and obtained a site plan. Negotiations were difficult with the sellers. Aileen handled this like the professional that she is. In all, Aileen made this a positive, educational and fun experience for us.

Overall we could not be more pleased with the way that the transaction went. We were kept informed continually and were provided with advice, based on Aileen's experience and knowledge of the local real estate market. We were 1200 miles away when all of the hard work was done by Aileen. I do not believe that this real estate transaction could have been accomplished without a broker, with superior knowledge and skills, representing our interests.


Howard & Janet Steinberg

"Aileen was so knowledgeable ..."

I don't know what would have happened to us if our first contact with looking for a second home in Florida hadn't been with Aileen. We live in the north but have relatives in Trinity, FL who we visit several times a year. We will eventually retire in Florida and decided to buy ahead of time so that we have a place to stay while we were down visiting. We started with searching the web and stumbled across some places we wanted more information on. Sent an email and that was the start of a very positive experience. Aileen not only provided additional info but offered to help and through emails back and forth and lots of key questions asked by her she had a list of places that she thought would meet our needs. We flew down to Florida for a weekend, met with Aileen and for two days looked at property's, narrowed them down and did second and third looks. By the end of weekend we had actually made a decision and were ready to make an offer. What we also like so much about Aileen was during those two days we not only looked at properties but were introduced to the area. We drove through a park, checked out Gulf Harbor beach, drove through Tarpon Springs (know where to buy the best Baklava) ate at a quaint place in Hudson along the water. Aileen was so knowledgeable and we really enjoyed our time.It's been two years and we're still happy with our property choice.

Rod and Chris Rahn

"Aileen is a Pro ..."

Aileen is an excellent buyer's broker. She is extremely knowledgeable of the entire process and was really instrumental in helping us negotiate a price and purchase our home. As a buyer's broker, she researched and presented the most recent sales in the area. We felt we payed a fair price due to her diligence and guidance. We are pleased to give her our highest recommendation.

Holly Swenson

"Aileen Helped with OnLine Homes ..."

We were looking specifically for a Buyer's Agent and found Aileen through the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. Our experience was wonderful. We don't live in the area, but Aileen listened to our needs and helped us preview a number of homes online. She coordinated appointments with our travel schedule, and was very attentive. Aileen has an excellent knowledge of the market, and provided great feedback on the different communities we visited. I give Aileen and Exclusively Buyers Realty my highest recommendation.

B. Raslegel

"We Almost Gave Up ..."

We would have gave up looking for a house if it had not been for Aileen. We had use other realtors in the pass and did not like our experience with them. Aileen listen to us and would not waste our time looking at homes that just did not fit us. She ask questions about our like and dislikes. She took that and before long she had us the perfect home. Loved every minute of our house buying experience.

C. Cooper

"Working with Aileen from abroad ..."

We started working with Aileen while we were still living overseas. After our first visit to the FL gulf coast area just over a year ago, we knew we had the right buyer's agent. She kept us apprised of changing values and trends, helping us every step of the way until we closed. And that's not all ... she continues to help with her knowledge and experience of everything from setting up utilities to finding reputable contractors for painting and remodeling. I can't imagine what our experience would have been without Aileen there to flatten out the speed bumps!

Paul Turner

"When You Need Her Most ..."

Aileen was great in helping us with a challenging transaction (the seller did something illegal). She went above and beyond in accommodating us, even helping us find a lawyer. We really appreciated her guidance in the process.

J. Madosky

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