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Most Full Service Real Estate brokerages today start with Contractual Obligations to Sellers in the form of Listings. The primary goal of these brokerages is to sell the sellers property as FAST as possible for as MUCH as possible. This is why they use TEAMs. This is great if you are a seller. But what if you're a Buyer? How do these prior obligations to sellers affect how these Dual-Agency or Transaction Brokerages deal with you ? Can they ethically represent the Best Interest of the buyer or does the brokerages prior seller obligations conflict ? Providing AGENT Representation means acting in a Fiduciary capacity to not only represent the Best Interest of the CLIENT but to protect the clients best interest. The question is... WHICH CLIENT ?

Exclusively Buyers Realty is a buyers only real estate brokerage. As a Buyers Brokerage we never have obligations to Sellers to sell property becaues we never take listings. We do not use sales teams, we work one-on-one with our buyers to understand their needs, find them the best properties, negotiate the best price and protect their interest every step of the way. There is never a conflict-of-interest or question as to who we represent. So, "Get your own buyer agent". A Buyers Brokerage not only makes sense, it's free to buyers.